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Security/Risk Assessment

Aegis will identify Risk, providing you with vital information regarding the risks facing your environment. Knowing where to begin when improving your security allows you to maximize your IT resources and budget, saving you time and money.



Facility Power & Redundancy

Backup Power, UPS & Generator Capacity

Facility Cooling Capacity & Redundancy

Facility Fire Suppression Systems

Server Wiring and Cabling

Server Rack Infrastructure

Facility Physical Security & Tracking Systems

Facility Camera & Alarm Systems


Servers & Systems

Server Inventory including detected OS’s

Server Vulnerability Reports

Server Resource Utilization

Server Backup Processes

Redundancy / High Availability Configuration

Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Systems

IT Asset Inventory Processes

Server Update Processes

Identity & Authentication Systems



Complete Network Discovery Mapping

Discovered Network Inventory List

Internal Network Device Vulnerability Scan

External Network Device Vulnerability Scan

Firewall Vulnerability Scan

IDS/IPS Review

SPAM Filtering Review

Web Filter Device Review

Data Loss Prevention Systems Review

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