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Vulnerability Management

Traditional Vulnerability Management approach has become increasingly ineffective as cyber-attacks continue to grow in volume and sophistication. It is no longer enough to just enumerate vulnerabilities due to unpatched systems. At Aegis, we  work your IT department to continuously find and address any security flaws you might have in your IT Infrastructure.

Visibility for All Types
of Assets, Including BYOD

Our risk-based VM is able to discover, monitor, and scan all types of devices and assets – including BYOD, IoT, cloud, and third party – to automatically and continually predict breach risk through a single integrated system. Risk-based VM also lets us locate critical devices (including BYOD and third party) and apps that, due to their vulnerability and exposure history, are most susceptible to zero-day exploits.


Our modern, risk-based VM  to provides business risk for each asset by contextualizing information like role of that asset, the security state of that asset analyzed over multiple attack vectors, compensating controls already in-place, globally prevalent threats, and more. This way organizations have a comprehensive risk calculation when monitoring their exposures and putting their mitigation strategies in place.

Covering the Multi-Dimensional Attack Surface

Our next-generation VM  monitors and scans for many other attack vectors like device/network and application misconfigurations, risk from weak or no encryption, use of default passwords, denial of service, and more. This allows us to predict breaches, and gives us the ability to control breach  across the multiple attack dimensions you face in the real world. 


In order to increase your cyber-resilience, you need to focus your limited SecOps resources on the potential breaches that may have the most business impact. Risk-based VM needs to be able to comprehensively assess the business risk of all assets, presenting a prioritized list of mitigation actions and prescriptive fixes for each prioritized action. With these capabilities, your organization will be able to prioritize actions and get better at remediating its most important and at-risk assets quickly and efficiently.

Prescriptive Fixes

Best-in-class risk-based VM not only provides a list of prioritized action items, it also guides you on how to fix the issues. Prescriptive fixes that speed remediation are a key feature of our advanced risk-based VM systems, and significantly increase the productivity and agility of security and SOC teams. In addition, risk-based VM also offers the ability to integrate with your ticketing and security orchestration systems and allow you to automatically incorporate vulnerability remediation into your existing  security workflows.

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